Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wealth and Poverty: Galbraith and Reich

       John Kenneth Galbraith:
                     The Position of Poverty

John Kenneth Galbraith (1908-2006) was a philosopher who wrote books on the government, Indian Art, economics and more. In his work, The Position of Poverty, Galbraith explains that there is a lot of poverty in the United States however it still has not be fixed.

One of Galbraith's most basic premises is that America is now an affluent society. This is do not believe. America is currently not an affluent society. The rich believe that the wealth is spread out throughout the country. This is not true. People are suffering in all fifty states. Some starving, some unable to get clothes without holes in them. Many Americans live out on the streets and no place to call home.  

And this is what upset me. The wealthy and politics are so wrapped up in themselves, they do not see the reality that has hit America. Hundreds are unemployed, many have no food or adequate clothing or schooling. The Government needs to focus on the needs of the people because many are in trouble.

I believe what qualifies as affluence is when no one is suffering from poverty in a society and the wealth is spread throughout the country and not just in one particular social class (i.e. politicians).

I believe America needs to change the way we distribute wealth. It is very disappointing to me to have to see the government helping other counties, but our own. Galbraith states, "In the nineteen-sixties, poverty promised, for a time, to become a subject of serious political concern. Then the Vietnam war came and the concern evaporated or was displaced."  

The government needs to refocus their efforts and support, and start supporting Americans and making this country a more equal society.

Robert B. Reich:
Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer

Robert B. Reich is a philosopher whose famous work, Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer, explains why the wealth is not being distributed in the United States and why poverty still occurs and what caused it.

I believe the United States government should be responsible for providing Americans jobs and the opportunity to allow Americans to work in factories and industries. Now American industries have cut American workers from factory jobs and they have now hired people from different countries that will be paid less  than an American worker.

Also some Americans do not have a high school diploma, and American industries have no place for them in the work force, but they should have the opportunity to have a job without going to college or university. Also Americans want to be more efficient and quicker. Reich states, "Automated tellers, computerized cashiers, automatic car washes, robotized vending machines, self-service gasoline pumps, and all similar gadgets substitute for the human beings that customers once encountered.

I believe the government should provide jobs for those because many people are employed and are getting poorer. This can be a conflict because people want things done quicker and easier and do not want to pay more for actual people than computerized technology. The positive thing about providing more jobs for people is people will obviously be employed and America will become an equal state.

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